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Forest Types

According to Champion & Seth Classification (1968), the habitat of the National Park is composed of the following forest types:

  1. Eastern Seasonal Swamp Forests (4D/SS1)
  2. Eastern Himalayan Moist Mixed Deciduous Forests (3C/C3b)
  3. Khair-Sissoo Forests (5/1S2)
  4. Eastern Wet Alluvial Grasslands (4D/2S2)
  5. Research, recreation and educational values.
  6. Plantations

The National Park has a unique habitat comprised of grasslands dotted with woodlands and water bodies as shown in the vegetation map (map S.N. 1). The relative proportions of the various biomes are as follows:

S.N. Biome % Area
1 Woodland (with plantations) 16
2 Thatch area 19
3 Tall grass area 41
4 Water bodies/swamps 12
5 Sandy area/Chapories 12

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